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About Us​

Working together from across the globe to produce the most stunning and effective designs.  

With offices in Seychelles, Italy, and Venezuela designing for 3 continents we accumulate a vast and diverse experience for multiple types of clients. From corporate and commercial to residential we are proud to know that with every project we have a happy customer and at the same time protect as much as possible our natural environment. 

LIVA Building & Architects is an international company specialized in multiple fields required for a proper project development. From Architecture and Interior design to all required engineering acting as a multi-disciplinary organization made of different professionals that target all aspects required. We have worked in more than 18 countries around the world in different types of project. Our strength lies in our team.

With the current global and environmental crisis we aim to deliver the highest cost efficiency and we focus on developing in harmony with all projects natural environment.
We work and update our design systems on a regular basis to keep finding new solutions for developing with minimal environmental impact.W

Our Mission

We not only make great designs but through training and sustainable creation, we empower our clients and their families to break the cycle of environmental destruction and build a brighter future for us all.

Every detail counts, from the reduction of materials to energy efficiency with an effective combination of Architecture and Engineering, all our projects protect our client’s pocket and help tackle the increasing burden on resources on our planet.


Meet Our Leaders

Seven professionals with their own specializations and experience leading a fifteen members designing and calculation team to achieve the highest performance for projects around the world.


Ernesto Lionnet

Director | Founder

Civil Engineer


Ashley Gadea


Interior Designer


Eric Pacheco




Linda Zeledon

Lead Member

Electrical Engineer


Guillermo Chavez

Lead Member

Masters Structural & Seismic Engineer

Mario Castellon

Lead Member

Doctorate In Environmental Engineering

Eduim Pacheco

Lead Member

Civil Engineer