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Miralagos Condos


An opportunity to not only add beauty to your project but to improve the conditions of your communities in harmony with their natural environment.

VIK Eco Villa
M & J Beauty Salon

Interior Design

Bring your dream project to life with our designs and hand picked products tailored to your style, space and budget.

Structural Engineering

With world-class engineering skills, technical backup, and in-depth knowledge of current design standards, we deliver the best, most resilient, and most efficient structures for any type of building, anywhere in the world, and in the most challenging conditions.

Electrical Engineering

Our team of electrical engineers and designers apply their deep knowledge of electrical codes and fundamentals coupled with their experience to design the most cost effective solutions for any electrical project.

Hydro Sanitary Engineering

We optimize every aspect of your water system, from potable water and sewage, to industrial and more complex water projects minimizing the usage of water resources and its cost while maximizing the sustainability of the natural resource.